SubKicker 7″

  • 7″ / 180mm
  • 3/2oz / 45g
  • Long Lasting / Durable Plastic Formulation BPA Free
  • Aggressive 3D Eyes
  • Photo-Realistic paint designs
  • 3D scales create an ultra lifelike appearance
  • Sinking Kicking and swimming action
  • 3 segments
  • With stainless solid treble hook
  • 01 piece per pack



Product Variations

SKU : 001063
  • Color : (05)Yellow Perch
SKU : 001061
  • Color : (02)Pearl White
SubKicker 7″
2 Colors Available


Its unique design gives the BIWAA Subkicker Swimbait a lazy tail kicking action. Manufactured with Non-toxic plastic, its lifelike appearance enhances the perfectly designed tail kicking action, even in the clearest water. Truly a lure for anglers who desire the highest quality of swimbaits. Biwaa Subkicker is an efficient soft swimbait of Biwaa Fishing Performance, the pro fishing shop for the best innovative fishing lures and fishing gear

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