Raffal 5″

  • 5″ / 130mm
  • 1.5oz.  / 75g
  • Glider Action
  • Density close to that of wooden jerkbaits
  • Premium Componants
    • Stainless steel split rings
    • Black Nickel Treble Hooks
    • Full stainless steel wire
  • Clone Technology for an ultra realistic photo finish
  • Effective silent lure



Product Variations

SKU : 001704
  • Color : (01)Real Bass
SKU : 001715
  • Color : (04) Fire Tiger
SKU : 001717
  • Color : (16)Redhorse
SKU : 001706
  • Color : (38)Roach
Raffal 5″
4 Colors Available


Biwaa Raffal 5″ is a glider hard lure that stands out from its competitors by its design. Built in a one-piece resin, the Biwaa Raffal has an unmatched solidity that gives it an optimal life. As for its stainless steel frame, it crosses the body as a whole and connects the two hooks to the attachment eye and will allow you to target pike specimens being safe from disappointments.

Biwaa Raffal 5″ is an innovative lure of Biwaa Fishing Performance, the pro fishing shop for the best fishing lures and fishing gear.

Biwaa Raffal 5″ has an interesting feature in that, unlike most market gliders, it is devoid of noisy balls and therefore silent. It will be able to make the difference on areas with high fishing pressure where overfished pike tend to be wary of noisy lures.

This lure Raffal 5″ also has an ultra-attractive swim. Animated by jerking, that is to say by a succession of scions from top to bottom, it will start in an erratic Z swim that will be formidable to stimulate the aggressiveness of pike.
If you choose to animate it in linear, you will get an S swim that evokes a wounded fish, the target of choice for pike.

Moreover, this lure Biwaa Raffal is equipped with Clone Technology. Biwaa’s unique printing technique makes it possible to obtain a realistic level of lure that is very close to a real fish. This technology will be an asset to thwart the vigilance of educated predators and provoke their aggressiveness.

Finally, the Raffal 5″ is equipped with two reinforced triple hooks with unstoppable piquancy that will leave no chance for pikes to escape your shoeing.

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Weight1.00 g


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