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Scorpitail 4″

  • Diamond Barb tail creates erratic motion
  • Open belly design for better hook-up ratio
  • Biwaa “Eco” plastic is soft and elastic, yet very durable
  • Depressed hook bed for weedless presentation
  • Environmentally Friendly- BPA & Phthalate free formulation
  • Scented with Biwaa’s B2A shrimp scent attractant
  • 10 pcs per pack

$5.99 $4.19

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SKU : 000678
  • Color : (02)Green Pumpkin
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SKU : 000677
  • Color : (101)Silver Minnow
Scorpitail 4″
2 Colors Available


The Scorpitail is Biwaa’s version of a soft plastic jerkbait. Our unique tail design features a diamond barb, creating erratic motion in the water.  Molded with a cavity in the belly to increase hook penetration, along with a depressed hook bed on the top of the bait to allow texas rigging to assist with weedless rigging. The diamond barb on the Scorpitail is a new take on an old favorite, and will make a great addition to any tackle box.

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