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Divinator Junior

  • 5.5″/14cm
  • 3/4oz – 22g
  • Line-through design
  • Molded around an internal jig head
  • Willow leaf blade connected via stainless steel wire
  • Stainless steel pressed split rings
  • High quality barrel swivel
  • polished black nickel top hook and treble hook



Product Description

The Divinator Hybrid Swimbait is the first of its kind hybrid lure. Developed in 2008 as Biwaa’s introduction to the market (patent pending), it quickly gained popularity across Europe. The unique design incorporates a jig head molded into a soft plastic swimbait. The line thru construction adds durability and enables the willow blade tail to provide a flashy and attention grabbing presentation. By mimicking a fleeing baitfish, this lure attracts bites in even the toughest of conditions.

Built with high quality components including black nickel Zion hooks- 1 top hook, 1 optional bottom treble hook, stainless steel line thru cabling connected to a premium stainless swivel and coated willow blade. The Divinator Hybrid Swimbait is designed to withstand a beating, while providing you confidence to land fish after fish. Whether jigged vertically through schools of bait fish, burned around mud lines and points, fished on ledges or along rip-rap, or even just casting and retrieving, the Divinator is a versatile search bait that will make a great addition to any tackle box.

Additional Information

Weight 3.00 oz

(01)Blue Chrome, (02)Pearl White, (03)Atomik, (04)Orange/Gold, (05)Yellow Perch, (06)White Perch, (07)Wtrmln.Red, (08)BB Herring, (09)Trico, (10)Gold, (11)Ivory, (12)Fire Tiger, (13)Pink Ice, (14)Arkansas Shiner, (15)Red Head, (16)Red Tiger, (17)Chart. Red Back, (18)Roach, (19)Aurora Gold, (20)Chili Tiger, (22)Hitch, (23)Northern Pike, (26)Cisco/Lavaret, (28)Gold Perch, (30)Silver Zander, (33)Ayu, (36)Ghost Carp, (38)Gold Devil, (43)Bass, (46)Gold Pink, (47)Chart Back/Orange, (48)Aguabonita, (49)Rainbow, (51)Real Perch, (52)Real Shad, (53)Sunfish, (54)Northern Pike, (55)Musky


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