This year Biwaa Fishing Performance is excited to announce 3 products at ICAST 2017. New this year to the Biwaa selection is a company first Spinner Bait, The “Dogon”. Built for targeting Trophy Class Fish, the Dogon is available in a 1/2oz and 3/4oz models. Dogon Spinnerbait features include:

  • Large Wire, Heavy Duty Design
  • Custom Honeycomb Blades
  • 5/0 Zion hook on 3/4oz model
  • 4/0 Zion hook on 1/2oz model
  • Trailer Hook
  • Double Silicone hand tied skirt
  • 3D Realistic Eyes


The next product we are pleased to announce is the Raffal Jerk Bait. Using Biwaa’s tried and true solid resin manufacturing techniques, the Raffal jerk bait is designed to outlast the competition while providing action characteristics similar to a wooden Jerk Bait. Raffal Jerk Bait features include:

  • Solid Resin Construction is durable and long lasting
  • Similar action to a wooden jerk bait
  • Clone Tech photo-realistic designs
  • “S” Action on the fall
  • Line-through construction


With the growth the industry continues to see in the swimbait category, and our past success with soft plastic swimbaits we decided to add one more product line to our assortment. The Kapsiz swimbait is centered around a symmetrical tail design that allows it perform excellent at any retrieval speed. Rigging flexibility is key,  giving anglers a way to present the lure multiple ways. The Kapsiz gets its name from the fact that the symmettrical tail design allows the Kapsiz to work both top rigged (traditionally) or rolled 90 Degrees on either side of the swimbait. Kapsiz Features Include:

    • Asymmetric Tail “pickaxe” design has many benefits:
      • Great action at any retrieval speed
      • Tail Design enables the bait to be rigged “top hook” or rolled 90* and rigged on the side
    • BPA & Phthalate free Eco Formulation
    • Laminated Color Selection
    • Same great durability and softness found in all Biwaa soft plastics
    • Slow Kick


New products announced at ICAST 2017 will begin shipping to retailers on October 1, 2017, and will be available on around October 31, 2017.